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Cor Home Automation Simplifies Life

Today, people are constantly rushing from one place to another. Finding time to sit down, relax and enjoy some down time doesn’t seem like much of an option for some. Because of this, many are looking for ways they can help make their home more efficient, safer, comfortable and even connected. With the help of Cor Home Automation, all of that is a possibility. This smart home solution delivers a simple, albeit powerful, solution for controlling and monitoring your home, regardless of where you might be. All you need is a tablet or smartphone to gain full access to your home environment.

Combining Smart with Simple

With Cor Home Automation, you get the power of knowing everything going on in your home. In the event a door or window was left open, the system will let you know. If there is a flood in your basement, you will know about it before it spirals out of control. This smart home portal helps you monitor your children, turn any small appliances off and on and even manage the comfort levels in your home. Use this system in your primary residence, your vacation home or anywhere else you choose. You get everything you need for a more secure and connected home all rolled into one convenient package.

The system uses Geofencing technology on your smartphone to detect when you are close to home. Because of this, it can trigger a whole series of automations to make sure your home is just how you want it to be when you arrive. It can turn your porch lights on, change the temperature on your HVAC system, unlock your front door and more. Not only does this save you money on your energy bill every month, but it also makes your home safer.

Enjoy Complete Control and Flexibility

When you install a Cor Home Automation system, you are in complete control of what it is that you want. You can go with just the basics or opt for a customized system with all of the bells and whistles. There is always the option to continue adding on to your system as you choose, so you don’t have to lock in everything right from the start. Regardless of how you look at it, you can enjoy a complete home security system and automation without having to pay a monitoring fee every month. If you want to take things even further, you have the option of upgrading to the professional monitoring service to further enhance your security.

Start Saving on Your Energy Bill

When you have the Cor Home Automation system integrated with your Carrier thermostat, you can begin saving on your monthly heating and cooling bills. In fact, many individuals have found themselves saving as much as 20 percent each month. Instead of having your thermostat set at a constant 72 degrees, you can turn it down when you aren’t at home. Then, as you approach, the system automatically turns the heat up to your desired temperature. In the summer, you can set the system for a higher temperature and have it turn on the air conditioner as you approach.

With so many different benefits and perks to this automated system, it makes sense why so many are turning to Cor Home Automation. Connecting your life and making it more comfortable, convenient and cost-effective has never been as simple as it is with one of these systems installed. Get your Cor Home Automation System today!

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