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Energy Audits

Energy Audits: Discover Exactly How Energy Efficient Your Home or Business Could Be

Energy Audits

An energy audit is an expert assessment of how much energy your home or business consumes, and includes suggestions of ways to become more energy efficient. There could be dozens of things you could do to reduce your energy consumption. Hiring a professional energy auditor is the best way to make a thorough list of opportunities for improvement. Here are some other benefits that come with hiring a professional to conduct your energy audit:

Expertise Comes Standard

For nearly 40 years, our HVAC technicians have been installing and repairing furnaces, heat pumps, and air conditioners across the Columbia, SC region. During that time, our individualized energy audits have saved our customers in the Columbia area a tremendous amount of money on their energy bills.

Specialized Equipment Needed 

Our highly trained and equipped professionals use specialized technology to complete accurate and thorough energy audits. For example, Comfort Services can conduct a blower door test to determine how much air leaks into or out of your home. Those leaks cannot be seen with the naked eye, but they could waste a lot of your money over time.

Implementation Saves Money 

Homeowners can take some measures to improve their energy efficiency. However, there are numerous complex steps that will also improve efficiency, but should be left to a trained professional.

Regular Routine Maintenance 

Scheduling seasonal check-ups for your HVAC equipment is a great first step toward optimizing your energy efficiency and reducing electric bills. This is also an excellent way to ensure that small problems are addressed before they become full-blown, costly emergencies.


Comfort Services’ technicians are specially trained in the energy audit process. We use the latest technology to evaluate, recommend, and implement energy efficient renovations. We have helped scores of home and business owners all over Columbia, South Carolina save big money on their energy costs.

Are you ready to discover all of the ways you could reduce your electric bill? Comfort Services looks forward to performing your energy audit, answering all of your questions, and helping you find ways to reduce your heating and cooling costs for years to come. To schedule an energy audit for your home or business, call Comfort Services at 803-772-4490 today.

Curious about what a blower door test is?

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