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Furnace Repair

Reliable Furnace Repair Makes for a Warm and Cozy Winter

Furnace Repair

South Carolinians are blessed with a pretty mild winter climate, but nighttime temperatures can still be bitterly cold. Winter nights are the worst possible time for a furnace failure. And invariably, this is when you can expect your furnace to go out on you. Comfort Services knows that the need for furnace repair can arise at any time, and our technicians are ready to serve your needs, no matter what time it is.

Don't wait for a breakdown

Instead of dealing with a broken down furnace on a cold January night, Comfort Services strongly urges our customers to have their furnaces inspected each fall. A thorough check of your heating equipment can help avoid more costly repairs later by dealing with issues while they are still minor. A good cleaning and tune-up will also help your furnace run more efficiently all winter long. Keeping your family warm and cozy all winter can be as easy as getting a quick furnace inspection done.

Unfortunately, repairs are inevitable for every furnace. Even if you meticulously replace your air filters monthly, years of dirt, dust, and wear and tear always take a toll on HVAC equipment. Some of the most common tasks our technicians complete during a furnace repair visit include:

  • Determining possible reasons why warm air is not flowing to every room of the house
  • Inspecting mechanical components, wiring, ducts, and heating elements
  • Cleaning furnace parts to restore them to optimal working condition
  • Making suggestions to improve the home’s insulation, which will keep the home warmer while reducing energy bills
  • Recalibrating and programming the thermostat for the best, most efficient performance

Furnace repair specialists

For fast and knowledgeable furnace repair services, you can count on Comfort Services around the clock. Our Columbia, SC clients have trusted us for their heating and cooling needs for 38 years and counting. We promise fast and friendly service, and you have our word that we will do whatever it takes to make sure you are 100% satisfied. To make sure that your furnace is in tip top shape this winter, get it repaired and serviced by the best in the region - call Comfort Services anytime at 803.772.4490.

If your furnace is beyond repair, it’s time for a new furnace installation.

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