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Heat Pump Installation

Choose a Heat Pump Installation for Versatility and Efficiency

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Instead of generating heat like a furnace, air source heat pumps work by moving warm air into or out of your home. In the summer months, a heat pump will move hot air out of the home. During the winter, the process runs in reverse. Because they move heat instead of generating it, heat pumps are much more efficient than furnaces and air conditioners. In mild climates like the one we enjoy here in South Carolina, a heat pump is an excellent choice for your home’s heating and cooling needs.

Benefits of Heat Pump Installation

Efficiency. Heat pumps are extremely efficient. Switching from an electric furnace to a heat pump can save you 30-40% off your current heating expenses.

Dehumidifying. Heat pumps do a better job of dehumidifying the home than traditional air conditioners. Reducing the moisture in your home during our hot, muggy South Carolina summers will make your home feel cooler at higher temperatures, saving you money on your cooling costs.

You don’t need ducts. A mini-split heat pump system works by pairing an outdoor unit with several indoor units to disperse or collect warm air throughout the home. If your home was constructed without ducts or if you have a ductless addition, this system can efficiently heat and cool spaces within your home without the need to install air ducts.

It can heat your water. Many high-efficiency heat pumps come equipped with a desuperheater. This device recovers heat from the heat pump’s cooling cycle and uses it to heat your water. A desuperheater can create hot water for your home at less than half the cost of running a traditional water heater.

You could get money back. Tax incentives and rebates can add up to a big chunk of change coming back to you as an incentive for installing highly efficient HVAC equipment, including heat pumps.

A new heat pump installation is the right choice for many residents in the Columbia, SC area. For versatile, efficient heating and cooling, it’s hard to beat a heat pump. Find out how quickly a Comfort Services technician can handle your new heat pump installation by calling us at 803.772.4490.

Heat pump vs. furnace: what’s your best option?

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