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Heat Pump Repair

Experienced Heat Pump Repair Professionals

Heat Pump Repair

If you already have a heat pump, you know that these handy pieces of equipment help maintain a comfortable indoor temperature for your family year-round. Heat pumps circulate warm air both into and out of your house. During the summer, your heat pump forces warm air out of your house; in the winter, it brings warm air into your house. It’s a simple but brilliant design.

Troubleshooting Heat Pump Repairs

Customers call us for several types of heat pump issues. Some of these present serious problems, and some are relatively minor. Here are the three most common heat pump repair calls we receive, and what, if anything, you can do about them:

  1. My heat pump will not turn on.
    This is typically an electrical problem. Locate the circuit breaker and reset it. If that doesn’t work, call a heat pump repair service.

  2. There is frost or ice built up on my heat pump coils.
    During a heating cycle, the heat pump coils stay below freezing. Any moisture in the air will cause frost to build up on the coils. In our humid South Carolina climate, this is normal and should be expected. However, heat pumps also have a defrost cycle, and if that cycle is malfunctioning, the frost will get thicker and can turn into hard ice that never goes away. If this happens, call a heat pump repair service.

  3. There is steam or smoke coming off my heat pump coils.
    While it may look like smoke is coming off your heat pump, it’s actually steam, and this is a good sign. The steam billowing off the coils means that the heat pump’s defrost cycle is working correctly.

Choosing a Heat Pump Repair Professional

Finding a good heat pump repair service is important for keeping your heat pump working well throughout the year. This piece of machinery works differently than other types of HVAC equipment, so finding a technician who is skilled in heat pump repair is a must.

Comfort Services technicians know heat pumps inside and out. From thermostat problems to ice build-up, our professionals can get your heat pump repair completed, and your indoor temperature back on track in no time. Call Comfort Services at 803.772.4490 to schedule your heat pump repair.

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