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Smart Thermostats

Smart Thermostats from Comfort Services Deliver Peace of Mind and Energy Savings

Thermostats have come a long way since the days of the little brown dial on the wall. Smart thermostats are taking over the market, and for good reason. They provide the ability to pre-program climate control settings for your whole home, for the entire day. Plus, WIFI-enabled smart thermostats can be controlled from anywhere in the world, as long as you have a smartphone. Forgot to turn down the air conditioner before you left town? You can log in and make the adjustment from the road. 

Some smart thermostats can even analyze the adjustments you make over a period of time to learn about your preferences, and then automatically change the temperature by anticipating your desires. Talk about effortless climate control! To get your home equipped with a smart thermostat, complete the Comfort Services contact form, and one of our technicians will schedule your appointment right away.

Curious about geothermal heating and cooling?

Carrier Côr™

Carrier Côr™

Provides energy reports, automated reminders, and even the weather forecast

Check out the Carrier Cor Thermostat brochure for more information

Carrier Infinity® Touch Control

Carrier Infinity® Touch Control

The Carrier Infinity® Touch Control thermostat works as the master mind behind their Greenspeed® Intelligence products. With this system, comfort is in your complete control.

Check out the Carrier Infinity® Series touch thermostat brochure for more information.

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