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Aug 10 2016

3 Benefits of Solar Water Heating for my Home

Solar water heater mounted to a roof

Benefits of solar water heating for my home

Solar water heating is a technology that applies the use of sun rays to heat up water, which is stored in an insulated tank for use. Previously, this technology was used as a complementary plan to an already existing electric heating system. More homeowners are now embracing solar water heating as their main water heating system and having the electrical system as a backup in order to lead more eco-friendly lifestyles. 

The solar water heating system is made of metallic and glass panels that are strategically mounted on the rooftop. The heat that is harvested by the panels is transferred to the hot water tank using a special fluid that is installed in the system. The flow of water from the source to the hot water tanks is pumped up through an automatic system.

Having a solar water heating system in your home makes you enjoy various benefits including:

Cost efficiency

Unlike using other heating systems like electrical or gas, solar heating is absolutely free. Homeowners considerably cut on their monthly bills when they use solar energy. Installation of a solar water heater can be costly, but homeowners save on energy costs in the long run.

Environmentally friendly

Homeowners significantly reduce the carbon footprint of their house by using solar energy. The world needs less greenhouse gas emissions. By using the solar energy, you will create a healthier environment for yourself and for generations to come.

Energy independence

On a larger scale, the use of solar energy helps society to cut dependence on fossil fuels. Importation and transportation of fossil fuels from distant places are labor and cost intensive. Solar water heating breaks citizens from dependence on fossil fuels.

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