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Dec 29 2014

3 Facts About Residential HVAC Systems Everyone Thinks Are True

Do you believe everything you hear about residential HVAC systems?

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Lots of people seem to think they know everything about residential HVAC systems. If you have asked friends or family for advice before purchasing a new system, you already know that nearly everyone has a strong opinion on the matter.

Unfortunately, a lot of that “useful advice” being tossed around is completely false. Here are three things about residential HVAC systems everyone thinks are true but actually aren't:

  1. You have to buy a furnace and an air conditioner separately. This is not always true. For some homeowners, an all-in-one packaged system can be an excellent option. A packaged system bundles heating and cooling capabilities in one convenient unit.
  2. A heat pump just moves warm air into your home. Wrong again. A heat pump can pump warm air into AND out of your home, depending on your needs. Therefore, a heat pump can fulfill the functions of a furnace and an air conditioner.
  3. Having big, noisy machinery is part of the experience of having residential HVAC systems. Not necessarily! In fact, most packaged systems can be entirely installed outside the home, and the newest models are often extremely quiet. You might be surprised by how peaceful residential HVAC systems really are.

The residential HVAC systems experts at Comfort Services can help you sort fact from fiction. If you are in need of new HVAC equipment, our team of pros will be glad to help you make the decision that's right for you. We will give you all of the factual information you need in order to make an educated choice for your family's needs.

Call Comfort Services at 803.772.4490 with all of your questions about residential HVAC systems.

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