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Dec 08 2014

3 Myths Uncovered about Heating and Cooling

Are you familiar with these common heating and cooling mistakes?

Heating and Cooling Myths

There are a lot of common misconceptions out there about heating and cooling. We get a lot of questions springing from tales passed on from neighbors, parents, and friends who are just trying to help, but might be completely wrong. Read on as Comfort Services uncovers three myths about heating and cooling:

Myth #1: Closing off the vent in the spare bedroom will save you money on your heating bill.

Unfortunately, it will have the opposite effect. Modern forced-air furnaces are designed to deliver a balanced warm air load throughout the home, and closing off a room’s vent will throw the entire system off-balance. And since warm air moves from greater to lesser concentrations, all that warm air will move toward the cold room anyway, making the rest of the home colder and causing you to turn up the thermostat.

Myth #2: If you crank the thermostat way up, it will heat the house up faster.

This is also false because your furnace likely just has two settings: on and off. Increasing the thermostat temperature simply turns the system on, and it will run for as long as it needs to in order to achieve the desired temperature. Your house will get too warm and you will waste energy getting it to that extra hot temperature.

Myth #3: Purchasing large, new, energy efficient HVAC equipment will reduce my heating and cooling bills.

This is only true if the equipment is the correct size for your home, and if it is installed properly. It's sad but true that lots of people are talked into buying oversized equipment, and end up having it installed by improperly trained technicians. These mistakes can cost you big time in terms of comfort and money.

Comfort Services' technicians bring the latest knowledge and cutting-edge tools to every repair, inspection, and installation job. Our primary goal is your comfort. Schedule an appointment with leaders in the Columbia, South Carolina heating and cooling industry by completing our contact form.

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