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Dec 01 2014

3 Ways to Become the MacGyver of Heating Repair

Looking for easy heating repair tips to stay warm and keep cash in your pocket this winter?

Heating Repair Tips

I don't remember an episode of MacGyver that involved heating repair, but it wouldn't surprise me if such a thing existed. Remember the show? That guy could fix anything with a paper clip and a ballpoint pen.

Comfort Services never recommends attempting a heating repair with such tools. But in case you ever find yourself in a chilly wintertime pinch, here are 3 ways to be like the MacGyver of heating repair:

  1. If your furnace won't turn on at all, the first thing to do is check your breaker box. You should try this even before you consider calling a repair service. To check the breaker, just open the panel on the box and see if a switch displays an orange light, or is misaligned with the rest of the switches. If so, flip that switch off and back on, and then try running the furnace again.

  2. If your furnace doesn't seem to blow nice, warm air like it used to, try to remember the last time you changed out your air filter. If it's been more than a month, then switch out the existing filter with a new one and see if that helps before you call a heating repair service.

  3. If it sounds like the blower never turns off, check your thermostat first. Is the fan switch set to run continuously? Try changing the fan setting on the thermostat before calling in an expert.

These are just a few of the things you can do before calling a heating repair company to assist you. When your furnace conks out, sometimes you can find and fix the problem quickly. By knowing what to check and where to look, you can ensure your family's comfort and save yourself a few bucks at the same time.

However, if these simple hacks don't seem to help your situation, call Comfort Services for 24/7 service at 803.772.4490.

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