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Aug 08 2013

5 Interesting Facts About Air Conditioning You Probably Don’t Know

Air conditioning doesn't have to be boring - here are some facts that might surprise you!

Sweltering summer heat

Most homeowners only think about their air conditioning when their unit breaks down. In fact, it's easy to forget about your air conditioning most of the time, especially when you're getting regularly scheduled maintenance and aren't worried about your air conditioning unit running well.

But did you know these facts about the history and effects of air conditioning?

  1. We have a man named Willis Carrier to thank for inventing air conditioning. He worked for a publishing house in Brooklyn, NY, where heat and humidity caused problems with pages expanding and contracting, making the printing presses jam.
  2. Back in the days before air conditioning was widely available, factories and other industrial buildings were simply too hot to work in during the hottest weeks of summer. It was common for the businesses to close for a month, or to slow production down significantly as the days got too hot to work.
  3. It's not hotter than it used to be - but modern building styles would sure make you feel like it is, if you didn't have air conditioning. Older architecture featured all sorts of ways to ventilate and cool the house naturally because air conditioning just wasn't a possibility. Now, our buildings are constructed to have minimal air transfer from the inside-out. Without air conditioning, you'd really feel the heat now!
  4. Much of the modern technology we rely on every day would be nearly impossible to manufacture without effective ways to control the temperature. These include computers, data systems, much of our food, pharmaceuticals, and many chemicals.
  5. Modern air conditioning has also contributed to extending our life expectancy. We've seen a decrease in mortality from malaria and bacterial infections as well as a dip in infant mortality rates.

Smart homeowners also know that getting preventative air conditioning maintenance is the smartest way to make sure they can rely on their air conditioning all summer long. Don't play around with your HVAC system - schedule your regular preventative maintenance now. Call 803.772.4490 to get it on the calendar.

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