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Mar 02 2016

What Do I Need to Know about Emergency Heat?

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Most heating and air conditioning systems come with a supplemental heating source for their heat pump, known as emergency heat. While commonly referred to as the “backup,” some people tend to turn immediately to this secondary system when the air seems cooler than it should, because they think the heat pump won’t work otherwise. However, there are only certain circumstances that should lead you to use your backup “emergency heat” setting, so as to avoid any unnecessary increase in your utility bill.

What Is Emergency Heat, and When Should I Use It?

The emergency heat function of your heat pump is nothing more than the secondary source of heat on the thermostat. As the name implies, it should only be used in an emergency, and the red indicator on your thermostat will help you determine if it’s on or not. For example, if you turn the heat on in your home, and you notice it stays cold, or you run into an issue like a frozen pump, switch to the emergency heat setting to keep your house warm until help arrives.

The most important thing to know about the use of the emergency heat function is that it is more expensive to run, so make sure you’re only using it if you’re sure there’s a problem with your standard pump.

How Comfort Services Can Help

If there’s been damage to your standard heat pump, don’t fall back on your emergency setting to get you through the season. The emergency feature should be used as rarely as possible, and any fix that’s needed for your heat pump should be handled by a professional.

Here at Comfort Services, our customers call on us for difficult heat pump problems, such as a build-up of frost, steam coming from the coils, or the fact it simply won’t turn on. Since a heat pump takes heat out of your home during summer, and brings it into your home during winter, it is one of the most vital aspects of keeping your home comfortable year-round, and a trained technician should always be called upon to make sure the damage has been repaired.

Our technicians have been trained to learn the ins and outs of heat pump systems and are always available to restore yours back to its optimal condition. If you’ve been turning to emergency heat on your heating and air conditioning system, don’t let your bill skyrocket before you decide on a repair. Contact our team of heating and air conditioning experts today to schedule an appointment.

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