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Sep 21 2016

Advantages of Installing a Geothermal System in my Home

geothermal indoor unit

Geothermal Systems use clean and renewable energy to heat up your house. A geothermal heat pump will no emit any carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, or any other greenhouse gas that will pollute the environment. A geothermal system will reduce energy consumption by 44% when compared to air-based heating systems and up to 72% when compared to electric heating systems. The pump will not burn any fuels at the site, which in addition to reducing harmful emissions also reduces the safety hazards and the odds of a dangerous accident occurring.

Energy Savings

A geothermal system could significantly reduce your heating budget in the long run. It will save you 30 to 60 percent in heating costs. The system will also save you 20 to 50 percent in cooling costs. The reason for a geothermal system having such low operational costs is that they use 25 to 50 percent less electricity than conventional HVAC systems.


Another significant advantage of geothermal heating systems is their durable nature. They are very reliable since they consist of few moving parts, which are often securely covered inside the house. The average lifespan of a geothermal heating system is 15 years or more with their underground loop piping lasting anywhere between 25 and 50 years. The underground pipes are usually made from polypropylene, which is very durable.
Geothermal heating and cooling systems are soundless as compared to conventional heating methods. You can rest assured that the heating system will function optimally while retaining the silence inside and outside the house.
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