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Jul 07 2016

Why Won’t My Air Conditioner Cool My Home?

If you’ve lived in the southeast any amount of time, you know how hot and steamy the weather can get around mid-June to mid-September. This is no time for your cooling system to cease functioning. If your system doesn’t seem to be keeping up with the heat, it could be due to a number of issues. The good news is that many of them are inexpensive to fix.

Common reasons your cooling system isn’t keeping your rooms cool:

1. Dirty air filter. One of the most common reasons (and one of the easiest to fix) for your cooling system not working very well is an air filter than is clogged with dust and dirt. When the system has to push air through all of that debris, must of it simply doesn’t make it through. Remember to clean or replace your filters around once a month in the height of the hot weather season.

2. Faulty thermostat. Another reason why your cooling system may not be keeping your rooms as cool as you’d like is a thermostat that’s going bad. If the thermostat thinks your room is colder than it really is, the system won’t be instructed to turn on.

3. Overgrown foliage near the condenser. When was the last time you trimmed the bushes around the condenser for your cooling system. Foliage around this condenser can prevent your system from working at its best.

To learn more about keeping your air-cooling system working efficiently this summer, contact Comfort Services.

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