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Jul 07 2014

Air Conditioning Repair or a New System? Which One You Need Now

3 Questions to Guide Your Air Conditioning Repair Decision

AC Repair Choices

It can be hard to decide whether you need air conditioning repair services or a new air conditioner. For many homeowners, the decision is important for financial reasons. Here are the top questions Comfort Services believes you should honestly answer in order to make this big decision.

How Old is Your Air Conditioner?

The experts say that if your air conditioner is more than 10 years old, you may need to consider investing in a new air conditioner. However, having minor air conditioner repair services completed could buy you a few more years with your existing equipment. You want to talk with an HVAC technician to find out how your system is doing and make sure that you're spending your money well.

Is Your Air Conditioner Noisy?

There are many irreparable conditions that can cause a noisy system. Only your air conditioning repair professional can diagnose what is causing the annoying noise.

Does Your Air Conditioner Do an Inadequate Job of Cooling All or Parts of Your Home?

The cause of this problem could be related to your air conditioner, ducts, or insulation. Only a thorough inspection by an expert can tell.

When a problem occurs with your HVAC system, it does not necessarily mean you need a new air conditioner. There are many issues that air conditioning repair can resolve. Let the HVAC experts at Comfort Services check your system to diagnose the problem. Summer is not the time to discover the need for air conditioning repairs, but you can count on Comfort Services to provide your family to provide prompt quality service. Schedule an appointment online today.

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