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Mar 09 2016

What Can Happen If I Don’t Change My Air Filter Often?

Dirty Air Filter

Changing the air filter on your HVAC system can be a task that’s hard to remember, but a maintenance agreement with Comfort Services will make sure it’s always done properly. If you’re worried you might change the filter incorrectly, or think that changing it isn’t important, keep reading to discover the benefits of a clean air filter and how Comfort Services can help.

Why Fresh Air Filters Are Important

If changing the air filter goes ignored, the air in your home can turn putrid, or the system itself could have a harder time running properly. Since a trained technician will check the condition of the air filter every time we come as part of your maintenance agreement, the energy efficiency of your HVAC system can improve by as much as 5-15%.

Additionally, clean air filters can lower your utility bill anywhere from $10 to $30 a month, and can prevent unwanted mechanical damages. The air in your home stays clean and fresh, which lets your living space remain consistently comfortable.

Comfort Services Comfort Club Membership

The process of HVAC maintenance, including the changing of the air filter, can be tricky, and sometimes it can be hard to determine exactly what needs to be done. The expert heating and cooling technicians at Comfort Services use a detailed maintenance and inspection checklist on every visit just to ensure all of your equipment is running properly.

Outside of an examination of the air filter, we also clean and lubricate the components of your system, identify wiring that is weakening or showing signs of damage, and replace the damaged parts before they destroy the entire unit. We are always here to answer your questions, and any additional visits from one of our technicians won’t cost a thing!

The comfort of your home is important to us, and changing your air filters is only one of the ways we can help you save energy and money. If you’d like your home to stay comfortable throughout the year with one of our maintenance agreements, contact our team today.

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