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Sep 05 2013

Allergy Season? 3 Ways Clean Air Ducts Help Keep Your Allergies at Bay

Clean air ducts can help you get through allergy season without suffering.

Homeowner suffering from allergies

The best way to control allergies is to avoid the allergens that cause problems. One method to eradicate these allergens is to clean air ducts in your home. Cleaning the air ducts can remove:

  1. Dust builds up in duct systems and can spread throughout your home when a heating or air conditioning unit is activated. Dust is a major irritant that affects the respiratory system of some people.
  2. Dust mites are common in many homes and can trigger asthma attacks in sufferers. Dust mites live off of dead skin and pet dander that lines the interior walls of air ducts. An asthma attack can be triggered when a person breathes in the strong digestive enzymes they produce and excrete. The exoskeleton remains can also cause a sufferer to have a negative reaction when they become exposed to these remains.
  3. Mold releases spores that float in the air and enter the body when a person breathes. These spores can also trigger an asthma attack in people. Someone who is allergic to mold can also suffer from itchy, red and watery eyes, rash and hives, and stuffy noses. Mold flourishes in dark and moist places like air ducts.

Regular cleaning of heating and air conditioning air ducts removes these substances and contributes to a cleaner environment in your home by removing the source of irritants that may be causing you problems.

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