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Dec 18 2012

Are You Using Your Ceiling Fans To Keep Your Home Warm, Too?

If not, you're missing out on a great way to lower heating bills.

Ceiling Fan

You already know how helpful your home's ceiling fans can be during the muggy summer months, but did you know that using your ceiling fans in the winter can help you heat your home as well? Though the idea of running your fans as the temperature drops may make you shiver, keeping them on can improve your overall home comfort while lowering your monthly heating bills.

How can you make use of your ceiling fans during the winter?

Ceiling fans are most often used to cool a home by blowing air downward and creating a cooling wind-chill effect. However, most ceiling fans are equipped with a switch near the motor housing that will reverse the blade rotation from the default counter-clockwise position to clockwise. This blows air upward in a room, where it displaces warm air that has collected near the ceiling. That air moves outward and then down into the lower parts of the room where people can feel it.

What are the benefits of using your ceiling fans during the winter?

With the clockwise blade rotation, your ceiling fans will disperse heated air more evenly throughout your home. Not only does this keep you and your family more comfortable, but it also relieves some of the burden from your furnace to keep your home warm. With the living spaces feeling warmer, you can lower the thermostat two or three degrees without feeling any loss of comfort. This saves money on your energy bills while putting less wear and tear on your furnace.

For more expert advice on using your ceiling fans this winter, contact the professionals at Comfort Services. We have been serving homeowners of South Carolina's Midlands since 1976.

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