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Mar 27 2014

Attic Insulation: The Lowdown on the Latest Technology

AtticCat offers unbeatable attic insulation performance and value.

Attic Insulation

Energy efficiency is a major concern for many homeowners. It seems like everyone is looking for ways to cut their utility bills. One important but often overlooked factor in your home's energy efficiency is attic insulation.

Energy Star says that installing quality insulation and weather stripping can reduce your monthly energy bills by up to 20%. There are several possible indications that it may be time to take a close look at your attic insulation, including:

  • Have your heating bills been increasing over the last few winters?
  • Is your home more than 10 years old?
  • Is the insulation in your attic discolored?
  • Are there any visible gaps in your attic insulation?
  • Do you notice large ice dams or icicles forming on your overhangs?

By having proper attic insulation installed, you can easily reduce energy costs and improve air conditioning and heating efficiency. Comfort Services can provide you with the latest and greatest attic insulation technology through the use of the Owens-Corning AttiCat insulation system.

AtticCat offers a new fiberglass-based insulation that is safe, dust-free, and non-irritating to the touch. It is a powdery insulation that is blown into your attic using a large air hose. As it is blown into your attic, millions of air pockets are formed between its particles. These air pockets offer maximum protection from outdoor temperatures. This fiberglass will not settle and break those air pockets down over time, which allows the insulation to retain its energy-saving ability for years to come.

Installing AtticCat insulation can save you big bucks on your energy bill, and is a greener choice in attic insulation because it utilizes resources that are easily renewable, like sand and recycled glass. In fact, the Owens-Corning's PINK attic insulation has become the first insulation that is Green Approved by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). And because AtticCat is made from natural substances, you can rest assured that your indoor air quality will not suffer due to your new insulation.

Ask Comfort Services to help you save money and keep your family comfortable during the hot summer months with their innovations in attic insulation. Our expert technicians can often completely replace your attic insulation in a matter of a few hours. We will remove your old insulation for you, and AtticCat does not over-spray like other types of insulation, so there is no cleanup required once our technicians are done. Call Comfort Services for 24/7 service: 803.772.4490.

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