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May 10 2017

3 Reasons Your HVAC Is the Cause of Your Bad Energy Habits

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Have you ever wondered if your HVAC is the cause of your bad energy habits? The answer is yes. We depend on our HVAC systems for comfort and convenience in our homes. Because it's such an integral part of how comfortable our homes are, it is easy to forget about the system until it isn't working right. In some cases, the many days when your system is functioning optimally are the days you actually have the worst energy habits.

Knowing More about Your Bad HVAC Energy Habits Helps You Do Better

By not using a programmable thermostat, you are likely using your AC more often than necessary. A programmable thermostat allows you to have a cool, comfortable house when you are at home and awake but prevents you from cooling the space when it is not necessary.

Though it might be tempting to let some fresh air in, opening the windows when your system is running is a waste of money. Essentially, you are attempting to air condition the outside, and you're wasting a great deal of energy.

Allowing your HVAC system to work at sub-par capacity due to dirty air filters, a dusty outdoor unit, or other issues that an HVAC technician could easily remedy can lead to wasted energy.

Save Energy and Money with Better Energy Habits

Let Comfort Services be the solution to your energy habits. Take one of our energy audits to find out just what you are doing and how you can improve. Get in touch with us today to schedule an appointment with professional energy services and transform your energy habits from poor to great!

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