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Apr 11 2017

Beat the Famous Columbia SC Heat with a Geothermal System

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If you are looking for the best way to beat the famous Columbia SC heat, we have options in energy services that will keep you comfortable. The geothermal system we offer brings you the comfort you want while minimizing your carbon footprint and saving you money on operating costs.

Geothermal systems are becoming quite popular in Columbia. While the upfront cost is higher than that of a traditional HVAC unit, you recoup the cost over time in savings on your monthly energy bills. In fact, homeowners have reported savings of up to 60% on heating and up to 50% on cooling.

Geothermal Is Superior to Traditional Units

Geothermal systems are quieter than traditional systems. They last significantly longer than other units – up to an additional ten years - making geothermal a wise investment. They also require less maintenance, as there are fewer moving parts. The only downside? Installation is more time-consuming and hiring a professional is a must.

Whether you are building a new home or retrofitting your existing abode, a geothermal system is an excellent choice, especially for those concerned with energy costs or the environment. Numerous incentives, in the form of rebates, grants, tax credits and loans, might entice South Carolina residents by helping them with the upfront costs. 

A geothermal system is the ideal energy efficient, long-term solution to the Columbia SC heat. Want to learn more about the environmentally-friendly energy services we offer at Comfort Services? Visit us online today to ask your questions and get answers from our team of energy services experts.

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