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Feb 29 2016

What Can I Do before Calling Someone to Service My HVAC Unit?

Discover troubleshooting tips homeowners can use to problem solve common HVAC issues before calling for service.

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Do you ever wish you knew how to perform basic troubleshooting on your HVAC? While a professional maintenance agreement ensures regular checkups on your HVAC system, sometimes issues arise between visits. These issues can come as a surprise, but before you call a technician, there are a few troubleshooting steps you can take to check the system yourself.

Here are a few areas to check when troubleshooting your HVAC:

  • Is your thermostat not lighting up? Check to see if the batteries need replacing.
  • Check the air filter to see if it needs replacing. At Comfort Services, this is a service we provide as part of our Comfort Club maintenance agreement, but an unforeseen restriction in air flow can cause a disruption in your HVAC system.
  • Sometimes the circuit breaker gets disconnected. Check the breaker box (also known as a fuse box), and if the circuit breaker has been tripped, reset the breaker. Keep in mind that the breaker usually trips for a good reason, and if it happens more than once, don’t hesitate to contact an HVAC professional.
  • Have you checked the safety switches? Sometimes they get bumped accidentally and simply need to be reset.

When should I call a technician?

If you’ve tried the above troubleshooting tips and are still experiencing issues, or if you’ve looked into the possibilities and haven’t found the source of the problem, a qualified HVAC technician may be needed to determine what’s wrong. If you’ve enrolled in a maintenance agreement with Comfort Services, you have a better chance of preventing these problems from occurring in the first place. However, issues sometimes arise between visits and considering the above tips will help prevent you from the cost of emergency services.

Our team of experts at Comfort Services is always available to service your HVAC unit, whether you've already problem-solved yourself or not. If you've been experiencing issues with your HVAC system and the attempts you've made to fix it have failed, we can help you with professional troubleshooting tips and the necessary HVAC service, so contact us today.

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