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May 22 2014

Choosing the Right HVAC System for Your Bottom Line

HVAC Systems Prices Lead to Big Savings and Peace of Mind

HVAC systems

It's no secret that HVAC systems' prices do not make for a cheap home upgrade. Investing in new HVAC equipment is a major purchase - perhaps one of the biggest purchases you will make as a homeowner. You want to be sure that it's a worthwhile investment, by getting a great return from the new system.

Here are a few elements of HVAC systems prices to consider when you are going over your options.

When it comes to having new HVAC equipment installed at your home, labor could prove to be the most significant cost you incur. The air conditioning manufacturers require that your new A/C system must be installed per the Local & National Mechanical Safety Codes, and all licensed HVAC contractors are supposed to follow the Local & National Mechanical Safety Codes.

That's a lot of training, certifications, and expertise that you're paying for in those labor costs. However, this should also give you peace of mind that your contractor has installed your equipment properly.

So how do you choose the right company to install your new heating or cooling equipment and give you fair HVAC systems prices? First, be sure to choose a company that has a long, upstanding reputation of providing quality service and products. These are the companies that will be more likely to still be in business if your equipment needs repairs down the road.

The company with the best reputation may not give you the lowest bid, but the companies that do give rock-bottom bids tend to put themselves out of business - and due to low profits. Look at the big picture, and not just the HVAC system's price alone.

The big price tag associated with typical HVAC systems' prices can be staggering. But remember, that expense will be recouped over time in energy savings. New HVAC equipment can be 30% to 50% more efficient than older models. And when you throw a smart thermostat into the system, the savings increase an additional 10%. How much money would you save if your monthly summer cooling bill were cut in half?

Comfort Services has been proudly serving customers in the Columbia, South Carolina area for over 15 years. We promise each and every customer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, because customer satisfaction is our number one priority. Call for 24/7 service and details on HVAC systems' prices: 803.772.4490

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