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Sep 14 2016

3 Common HVAC System Issues that Could Seriously Worsen if Left Unchecked

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Just like your car, your HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) system needs regular maintenance and care. Without it, you will eventually develop issues that could lead to costly repairs. At the first signs of a problem, it is best to immediately call a qualified service technician to avoid further damage to your system.

With that in mind, here are 3 Common HVAC issues that could seriously worsen if left unchecked.

1. Poor Air Quality

Dirty filters are the most common cause poor air quality. Poor air quality could be a sign of blower issues, dust build-up in your ductwork, and even the development of dangerous molds. Regardless of the cause, it will only get worse with time. Fans can eventually fail and in the case of toxic molds, serious health problems will develop.

2. Running Rough and Making Undue Noise

Your HVAC system should run smoothly and with little more noise than a soft hum. If it starts to rattle or vibrate, it can be a sign of a coil freezing up, an out of balance fan, pending compressor failure or electrical issues such as relay sticking or thermostat malfunctioning. None of these are good signs and they won’t correct themselves.

3. Inadequate Cooling or Heating

A modern HVAC system depends on a wide variety of interdependent systems all working in unison to achieve one goal: keeping your home or business comfortable. When it stops performing properly, there can be a myriad of causes from the simple to the very complicated and only an expert HVAC repairman can properly diagnose and correct the problem.

If you are having HVAC issues in the Columbia, SC area, contact Comfort Services, today.

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