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Nov 17 2014

Decoding the Mysteries of Energy Efficient Heaters

What are the most energy efficient heaters for your home?

Energy efficient heaters

Energy efficient heaters are a must for today’s homeowners. The cost of heating and cooling a home continues to rise nationwide along with the price of electricity, natural gas, and other methods of powering HVAC equipment. In the face of such importance, how does one decide which heater is best for their home? Let’s take a look at one of the most energy efficient but most overlooked heaters out there – a split system.

A split system gains its name from its unique design that has utilized different units, an indoor unit and an outdoor one, to accomplish home heating. The outdoor unit contains a condenser, which generates warm air. That warm air then transfers to the indoor air handler or furnace, which blows the air into the room and warms it up. By operating like this, split systems use far less electricity than traditional furnaces. They are also offered with variable speed blowers, rather than just on and off settings. Variable speed units are extremely efficient and keep the home at a far steadier temperature, as they are able to better adjust to temperature changes within the home and keeping a more stable comfort level.

A split system can efficiently heat just about any home. Ductless split systems are great for old homes with no air ducts, or for additions to the home that are ductless. There are also hybrid units out there that combine the efficiency of an everyday electrical unit and a gas-powered unit, which will help keep your home warmer when the temperatures really start to dip.

Shopping for energy efficient heaters and air conditioners can be extremely confusing with all of the SEER ratings, tons, and other measurements of their performance. It doesn’t have to be a mystery though, if you know an HVAC company you can trust. Comfort Services is a proud Premier Lennox Dealer and American Standard Premier Dealer. We also service many other major brands, including Carrier, Fujitsu, Coleman and Whirlpool.

To learn all about your best energy efficient heater options, schedule an appointment with Comfort Services today.

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