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Aug 26 2013

Do You Know Where Your Energy Is Going? The Importance of Energy Efficiency in Residential Air Conditioning

Is your residential air conditioning system throwing your money out the window?

Throwing money out the window

When you think about your residential air conditioning system, you realize the air inside your home is not really "free". It costs money to keep the air quality in your home comfortable and healthy. Our South Carolina summers bring high humidity and hot temperatures, encouraging mold and dust that can aggravate allergies. No wonder utility bills often peak at this time of the year. It's natural to want to hide inside and crank up the air.

However, if there are problems with energy efficiency, your utility bills can skyrocket. The good news is, two of the factors affecting your energy use in air conditioning are easy to fix:

  1. Air leaks in the insulation envelope your home should have are like open windows for the air you paid to 'condition' to escape to the great outdoors. It's about like standing in front of an open refrigerator feeling the cold air around your ankles. When you have air leaks, you're also leaking money.
  2. HVAC equipment that is poorly maintained has to work harder and use more energy, but still does less to keep you comfortable. Older equipment often is not as energy-efficient as newer models, and you can often pay for the replacement with the savings on your monthly bills or the rebates offered.

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