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Feb 16 2015

Does My HVAC Unit Need to Be Cleaned Often?

Regular HVAC inspections through maintenance agreements and cleaning are important.

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Have you considered how HVAC maintenance agreements can help you stay on top of issues with your HVAC unit? The truth is, HVAC equipment is one system people tend to take for granted - until it fails. It's easy to forget about the machinery that keeps our houses warm until the house is suddenly freezing cold. Purchasing a maintenance agreement is a great way to stay on top of your HVAC maintenance and cleaning routines. Keeping your furnace and air conditioner in tip-top shape means never having to worry about whether your family has to shiver through a chilly February night.

Just like anything else with moving parts, HVAC equipment has to be checked over and tuned up periodically. Your furnace and air conditioner should each be cleaned and inspected for wear and tear at least once a year. Certain parts may need to be lubricated, and worn-down parts should be replaced before they cause a complete breakdown. Your furnace probably has gas elements that should be inspected and cleaned each year by an HVAC expert.

One step you can take to make a big difference in your HVAC unit's performance is replacing the air filters each month. A dirty air filter can slow the airflow from the furnace to the air ducts. It will also increase the amount of dust floating around your home. That dust will show up in the air you breathe, and you will notice an increased need to dust the surfaces in your home.

Ask your trusted HVAC company whether they offer maintenance subscriptions for homes in your area. This type of arrangement will provide you with regularly scheduled inspections and cleaning services for your HVAC system. Most importantly, you will have year-round peace of mind in knowing that your heater and air conditioner are ready to work at a moment's notice.

To learn more about maintenance agreements for homes in the Columbia, SC area, contact Comfort Services or call 803-772-4490.

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