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May 08 2014

Everything You Need to Know Before Buying a Mini Split System Air Conditioner

Is a Mini Split System Air Conditioner the Answer to Your Cooling Needs?

Mini Split System Air Conditioner

A mini split system air conditioner can prove to be an excellent investment for many homeowners. They are more permanent and quieter than window units, but less complicated and costly than central air conditioning systems. Many split systems have programmable thermostats that allow you to only cool rooms when they are used most often.

Keeping unoccupied rooms warm during the day can translate into big savings on your electric bill. Here is everything you need to know to help you determine whether a mini split system air conditioner is the right choice for you.

How a Split System Air Conditioner Works

Mini split system air conditioners are made up of two main parts: the indoor units and an outdoor condenser. These two components work together to make for the most comfortable indoor environment you can ask for. They're an especially good fit on homes with non-ducted heating systems, high-efficiency new homes, and ductless additions. The ductless feature prevents the cool, clean air of your home from leaking outside, further increasing your home's efficiency.

Know Your BTU's

You need to know how many BTU's are required to accommodate the area you are cooling. Each indoor unit should only be expected to cool the room where it's located. Keep in mind that a ductless mini split system air conditioner cools a larger area for its BTU capacity than a window unit, but a smaller area than a central air conditioning system would.

Installation Information

It's a good idea to hire a professional to install your new mini split system to ensure that it is done safely and according to the manufacturer's specifications. Also, note that your installation professional will drill small holes (usually no bigger than three inches in diameter) in your walls to allow refrigerant and connection lines to run back to your outdoor condenser.

Some of the biggest advantages of mini split system air conditioners are that they make indoor temperature control easy, air circulation is efficient, and the indoor moisture level stays comfortable at all times. You can also improve your indoor air quality because of the filtration capabilities of these systems. A split system air conditioner may be just what you need to cool your guest room, an attic or basement that's been converted to living space, or perhaps your man cave.

Comfort Services would love to help you find just the right split system air conditioner for your home; call us for 24/7 service at 803.772.4490.

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