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Sep 25 2014

Fall Is A Great Time for a Home Energy Audit. Here's Why

The Home Energy Audit Savings Can Add Up

Home Energy Audit

The fall months are a fantastic time to have a home energy audit completed at your home. As the weather is mild, you probably won’t be running your air conditioner or furnace, if you are here in South Carolina or a similar climate. Comfort Services wants you to take advantage of this down time for your HVAC system, and have a home energy audit completed. Here are a few more reasons why fall is a great time for a home energy audit.

  • A home energy audit can pinpoint emerging issues with your heater and other HVAC equipment before they become full-blown emergencies. Doesn’t an inspection fee sound more affordable than emergency furnace repairs?
  • A home energy audit will find ways to reduce the amount of energy your home wastes. Are you ready to save money on your heating bills this winter?
  • Replacing your furnace could take time. If your existing furnace kicks the bucket in January, how long are you willing to wait in your freezing cold house?

A heating and cooling expert at Comfort Services will be happy to inspect your heating system to make sure it is running as efficiently as it can. Our professionals are thoroughly trained and very experienced at completing home energy audits. We will do a detailed inspection to make sure that you are prepared for whatever this winter may bring while not wasting energy.

Don’t wait for a problem to arise - call on Comfort Services today at 803.772.4490 for a thorough home energy audit.

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