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May 04 2016

Five Reasons Why Your Home Needs a Preventative Maintenance Agreement

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HVAC specialists recommend that residential heating and air conditioning systems receive regular checks and maintenance work to maintain their best condition possible. These inspections should take place in the fall and spring.

Before the cold season comes, the purpose of the inspection is to ensure the heating system works properly and to prepare it for the winter months. This is an excellent time to assess how the air conditioning system made it through the hot summer as well.

Spring is the best season to prepare the air conditioning system for the coming summer and evaluate the condition of the heating system following the cold season. In other words, both systems should undergo an inspection before and after their peak functioning period.

The best maintenance agreements typically cover a thorough assessment of all the system’s components, filter and duct cleaning and, most importantly, tests meant to assess the system’s efficiency and reliability.

The five main benefits of signing an HVAC maintenance agreement include:

  1. A professional will identify and solve any existing problems with your system before they escalate and become costly.
  2. Well-maintained systems run more efficiently, meaning that they consume less energy and fuel.
  3. Regular system inspections decrease the risk of your HVAC breaking down during the most inconvenient times; this means you will enjoy a more comfortable home.
  4. Maintenance agreements usually give homeowners the freedom to schedule the inspections according to their availability, thus, allowing them to avoid business downtime or interruptions of their daily activities.
  5. Well-maintained systems have a longer lifespan.

If you still aren’t convinced, let’s break down the benefits for you even further. We get it—signing up for a maintenance agreement seems like an investment, and you want to make sure this is an investment worth making. You need to be sure you will save money in the long run and enjoy a more comfortable home.

Consider these five reasons why you should sign-up for a preventative maintenance agreement for your heating and air conditioning system right away:

  1. To save money you would otherwise spend on repairs or replacements.
  2. To save time you would otherwise have to spend on cleaning and maintaining the system yourself.
  3. To enjoy higher level of comfort in your home, even on the coldest and hottest days of the year.
  4. To give you peace of mind; no one wants to worry constantly about HVAC system malfunctions and rising electricity bills!
  5. To minimize the impact professional interventions could have on your schedule and family life.

Have you not yet signed up for an HVAC maintenance agreement? If you still have questions, our team at Comfort Services is here to answer them. Contact us now and let us show you what professional heating and air conditioning maintenance is all about!

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