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Mar 23 2016

My Heat Pump Has Iced Up - What Can I Do?

HVAC Technician Troubleshooting Heat Pump

Has there been a buildup of ice on your heat pump, and you’re in need of expert troubleshooting tips to fix it? While you can initially fall back on the emergency heat pump to keep your home warm until the problem has been resolved, severe damage can occur to your equipment if the problem isn’t assessed right away. If you’re unsure, it is always important to know the warning signs of a serious issue. On the other hand, your system may just need to go through a defrost cycle before any action is required.

Troubleshooting Your Heat Pump’s Defrosting Cycle

It is common during the colder months for the heating coil of your pump to get icy. The coils stay below freezing during the heat cycle, and any moisture in the air will result in frost building up. If there’s ice on the coils, but there’s still heat in your home, that’s perfectly normal, as it is the defrosting cycle that will occur to de-ice your coils and keep the equipment running efficiently.

However, if the defrosting cycle has malfunctioned, the ice could harden and get so thick that it never goes away. If the ice on your coils is more than just a little bit of frost, call a service technician immediately.

Need More than Troubleshooting?

It is common for our customers to call us when they’ve noticed some frost on their heat pump. It’s always smart to double-check that nothing is wrong, and we’re happy when it’s a quick fix. However, if it’s something more serious, our trained technicians are immediately available to take a look.

At Comfort Services, our technicians are experts in thermostat repair and ice buildup, and we will have your indoor temperature back to normal in no time. If you’ve tried troubleshooting your heat pump, and you notice the ice is only getting thicker, don’t wait until your system collapses before you get help. Contact Comfort Services today for additional troubleshooting tips or to schedule an appointment.

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