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Aug 04 2014

Get Greener and Save Money With Home Energy Audits

Home Energy Audits Can Drastically Reduce Cooling Bills

Home Energy Audits

Many homeowners pursue home energy audits in the summertime. Why? Well, with your air conditioner already working hard to keep your home cool despite the summer heat, you don't want to waste any of that cool air. That's where home energy audits come in.

Home energy audits identify how much energy homes use and compare that amount to how much energy they should use. Then, your home energy auditor will identify steps you can take to improve your home's energy efficiency. Simple fixes, such as installing new insulation or weather stripping can translate into big savings on your heating and cooling bills. Bigger repairs can cost more upfront, but will save you lots of money over time by increasing your home's efficiency.

The experts at Comfort Services have been in the business of installing and repairing air conditioning systems for over 30 years. We've helped a lot of families affordably stay comfortable through those decades. A big part of keeping comfort affordable is staying on top of a system's efficiency.

Our technicians use specialized equipment for home energy audits that delivers only the most accurate energy efficiency readings. The detailed information we generate with these home energy audits will guide you toward increased energy efficiency and reduced cooling costs.

Comfort Services looks forward to evaluating your home's energy efficiency and recommending and implementing the renovations that suit your needs. Are you looking forward to seeing how much you can reduce next summer's cooling bills? Contact us to schedule an appointment for a home energy audit.

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