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May 29 2014

Giving Back: Comfort Services’ Renovation at Carolina Children’s Home

We have exciting news at Comfort Services!

Recently, we visited the Carolina Children's Home to renovate a 1930s cottage to make it habitable for their clients. They needed this cottage to be a safe and comfortable space - but with no air conditioning, that just wasn't happening.

You read that right - originally, the cottage only had heating. You know how miserably hot our Columbia summers can be. In the middle of a Carolina summer, no one could stay in that cottage. With the help of Lennox, our team replaced the HVAC unit and restructured all the duct work throughout the house.

Do you think your air conditioning system is old? Trust us, it's got nothing on the unit we removed from that cottage. It was so old that Lennox requested the unit for archival purposes.

We are happy to announce that this building can now be utilized year round! They can still enjoy the 1930s history of the cottage, just with the cooled air that makes it bearable here in the summer.

We have always taken an active role in giving back to the community. When this opportunity presented itself, we were more than happy to step up to the plate. We had a great time getting to know the folks at Carolina Children's Home and we were happy to support their cause! Thanks again to the great folks at Lennox for helping us make this opportunity possible.

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