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Oct 20 2016

What to Expect When Having Solar Power Installed at Your Home

Technician installing solar panels

The shift away from fossil fuel dependence is happening now and homeowners all over the country are beginning to add solar energy to their homes. Solar power is popular because it harnesses the greatest source of power: the sun.

How it Works

Solar power cells use photovoltaic, or PC, cells to capture the energy provided by the sun and convert it into electricity. The energy starts with the sun, then is captured by the panel, passes through an inverter, and goes to your home.

Costs and Savings

The cost of installing solar panels on your home is often reduced greatly by renewable energy programs. Federal tax credits for solar energy systems include installation costs which often make the transition to this renewable form of energy more financially viable for many homeowners.
Switching to solar power not only costs less than you probably anticipated for installation, but will save you money in the long run. You use less energy from the utility grid and more from the sun, which in the end could make your electric bill look like a credit! While your solar panels are running, your home’s electric meter runs backwards instead of forwards.
Comfort Services is excited to provide new products and systems that are recently available to all of our customers. Solar power is a quickly growing faucet to the HVAC industry and our experts can help you determine the right configuration of solar power for your home. Learn more about getting solar power installed now!

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