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Dec 06 2016

4 Heating Inefficiencies That Could be Causing Your Bills to Skyrocket


Heating inefficiencies within your system can really cause a drastic jump in the price it costs to keep your home or business warm in the winter. Approximately 50% of your energy cost is from keeping your home warm in the winter.

Thermostat Check

Your thermostat should be checked to ensure it is working properly. It should start the heating system when turned on and shut off when it reaches the temperature you set it on. Each degree that you set on the thermostat higher in the winter uses about 3 to 5 percent more energy. A good alternative is a smart thermostat. Making the upgrade to a programmable thermostat saves you the trouble of adjusting your HVAC system every time you leave your home or go to bed at night.

Lubricating Parts

All moving parts should be properly lubricated before actually starting your heating system for the first time in the fall. Parts that are not adequately oiled cause friction. Friction makes your heating system work harder, increases your energy usage and also leads to premature aging of your heating components.

Cleaning your Heating System

In order to work efficiently, a heating system needs to be clean and free of debris or blockages in the sealed system. All heat exchangers, return air vents and air registers should be clean and not have anything blocking the airflow into your home.

Air Duct Inspections

All of the air ducts should be fastened together without any loose areas between sections. Any small leak or tear allows the warm air to go outside rather than inside your home or business to provide warmth. This results in much higher inefficiency of a heating system.

The best rule of thumb is to have a fall heating checkup before you turn on your unit. We can examine your system in depth to make certain it is operating properly and is safe for you and your family. We can install a programmable thermostat to save you a considerable amount of money in your heating system. Our checkup includes examination of the motors, electrical connections and all equipment for proper function.

Contact Comfort Services today and let us do a full maintenance check on your unit to ensure it is ready for the cold winter ahead.

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