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Mar 03 2014

How a Preventative Plan for HVAC Maintenance Can Help Save You Money All Year

Routine HVAC maintenance savings add up.

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Comfort Services believes that HVAC maintenance is an important factor in maintaining a healthy, comfortable home for your family. We offer HVAC maintenance packages that will fit your budget and keep your systems in good working order. In addition to completing periodic manufacturer-recommended maintenance, our technicians will always complete a checklist of additional inspections and tests when they perform preventative HVAC maintenance at your home.

Here are several ways that investing in a preventative HVAC maintenance plan will save you money throughout the year:

  • Regular heater and air conditioner maintenance will keep your systems working correctly and efficiently. Efficient equipment uses less energy, which can save you big bucks on your heating and cooling bill.
  • Regularly scheduled inspections are the best way to identify deteriorating parts, which can then be replaced before catastrophic failure occurs. Nobody wants to be surprised with a busted air conditioner in July.
  • Appropriately cleaned and maintained equipment will keep your home's air clean from allergens and germs, reducing sick days and improving overall health.
  • HVAC equipment that works properly can help regulate the humidity in your home. Too much humidity can lead to mold, mildew, and germ growth; too little humidity can damage your wood floors and furniture, and contribute to an array of ailments including nosebleeds and headaches.
  • Well maintained HVAC equipment reduces the need for costly repairs down the road. Providing proper routine maintenance keeps equipment in good working order for longer periods of time.
  • Since one of the major benefits of having a maintenance subscription is to reduce repairs, we offer our preventative HVAC maintenance program customers a 15% discount on repairs.

Comfort Services encourages all of our clients to be proactive in supporting the longevity and efficiency of their HVAC systems. Investing in a preventative HVAC maintenance plan provides you with regularly scheduled maintenance visits by one of our expert technicians.

After completing a thorough inspection and basic preventative maintenance, they will also be happy to answer any questions you have, and recommend additional products, services, or equipment to further improve the comfort in your home. These recommendations may include attic insulation, duct sealing, humidifier, dehumidifier, whole home air filtration system, and more.

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