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Jun 07 2017

How an HVAC Maintenance Agreement Can Save You Money


HVAC maintenance agreements are increasingly common in many households. They apply to either new systems or ones that have been in use for years. You may wonder about the logic of paying for a yearly maintenance agreement on a system that only gets replaced every decade or two, but the reality is that a maintenance agreement can actually save you money in several ways.

Here are some of the benefits of maintenance agreements you may want to consider:

Your HVAC System Will Last Longer

Regularly performed preventative maintenance is the number 1 way to extend the life of your HVAC unit. During semi-annual inspections, technicians can detect and repair small problems. These issues, often with wiring, leaks or belts, would lead to a major breakdown over time. Early detection and repair can keep your system running longer.

HVAC Emergencies Are Less Common with a Maintenance Agreement

We all know that when an HVAC system decides to quit working, it is often at night or on the weekend, during the hottest or coldest point of the year. That means extra costs for an after-hours service call. Such emergencies happen much less often to homeowners who invest in a maintenance agreement.

Because professionals are checking your system regularly, small problems get detected and repaired before they become a big problem. This helps you avoid a breakdown when you need your system most. Such small repairs are much less costly, saving you money. And maintenance agreements typically provide valuable discounts on repairs.

Your HVAC System Is More Energy Efficient

When your HVAC unit is running optimally, it can actually save you money on your monthly energy costs. Poorly maintained units often drive your energy bills up. Maintenance agreements ensure your system has a good inspection twice a year. If there is an issue, such as leaky refrigerant or a hole in the ductwork that can cause your system to work harder, the HVAC professional will find it and fix it. You get to enjoy the savings month after month.

Visit us online to learn more about our convenient, cost-saving maintenance agreements available through Comfort Services, or schedule an appointment with our HVAC experts today.

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