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Jul 21 2015

How Can I Measure the Efficiency of My Heating and Cooling Equipment?

Your heating and air conditioning bills don’t have to be outrageous

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Heating and air conditioning systems are major investments for homeowners. Keeping those systems running when they are needed most represents sizable costs as well. We have all heard about various ways to increase our energy efficiency, but how do we even find out how efficient our homes already are?

Help to Nail Down Your Baseline

It’s important to know what your starting point is as far as energy efficiency, and that requires the assistance of a HVAC professional. A trained technician will use specialized equipment to take various measurements. For example, a blower door test should be conducted to measure how much air leaks out of your home. Another important test determines how much air leaks out of your HVAC system’s air ducts. Both of these problems can cost you big bucks every year by driving up your heating and cooling bills.

Test, Then Recommend

An expert should conduct various tests and inspections to determine how much energy your home actually uses. Afterwards, he or she can make recommendations to reduce your energy use and costs. You might be surprised how much money you stand to save by making some simple upgrades and repairs.

One recommendation that every homeowner should consider is scheduling regular heating and air conditioning inspections. A HVAC professional can identify problems as they emerge. Fixing these issues before they cause a complete breakdown is often more affordable. It also keeps your family comfortable in your home and avoids HVAC emergency situations later on. Get more useful tips for making sure your heating and air conditioning systems are always in excellent working order by clicking this link to contact the pros at Comfort Services today.

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