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Jun 05 2015

How Do I Fix Hot/Cold Spots Inside My Home?

You can improve indoor air quality and efficiency with this one simple product


A quick way to improve indoor air quality as well as those pesky hot and cold spots in your home is to have the air ducts inspected and sealed. This can prevent contaminants like dust and pollen from entering the air supply, keeping the indoor air cleaner, easier to breathe. Another perk is keeping the environment more consistently comfortable with even temperatures throughout the home. Even better, for people with breathing issues, such as asthma, sealing the air ducts can make a tremendous impact on their health and comfort.

Many people don’t realize just how much heated and cooled air can actually escape through cracks in the air ducts. It’s a major waste of money when cooled air escapes into the garage, attic, and crawl spaces during the summer. A leaked air problem, like this, can also result in hot and cold spots within the home, which reduces the comfort level for everyone in the house.

So how in the world does an HVAC professional check a home’s entire duct system for leaks? An excellent option is the Aeroseal system, which checks for leaks and seals them off all at once. With the air vents closed off, the Aeroseal product is sprayed into the ducts. When the spray finds a leak, the particles collect along the opening and seal it off. The entire process typically takes no more than a couple of hours and guarantees cleaner indoor air and no more air leaks in the ducts.

Aeroseal is recommended for anyone who is concerned about leaky air ducts and energy efficiency, as well as families that have asthma or allergy sufferers in the home. You will definitely see an immediate improvement in all of these areas after an Aeroseal application. Click here to contact our friendly professionals at Comfort Services to learn more about what the Aeroseal system can do to improve your indoor air quality and comfort levels.

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