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Aug 25 2015

How Do I Know Whether My Heating and Cooling System Needs to Be Replaced or If It's Just a Repair?

There’s one sure way to know it’s time for a new heating and air conditioning system right now.

AC Maintenance

Heating and air conditioning systems have many moving parts. That means that over time, just like every other piece of machinery, breakdowns will occur due to wear and tear. Sometimes it can be hard to tell whether the breakdown requires a repair or replacement. But there are some sure signs that the equipment is down for the count. There is one definite sign that tells you it’s time to replace your heating or cooling equipment: the need for frequent repairs.

HVAC repairs are inevitable, but say you have just scheduled your third air conditioner repair appointment…this summer. Does that sound like you? Frequent repairs means that the unit is getting ready to go to the big salvage yard in the sky. That’s especially true if the repairs are for the same or related problems repeatedly. And you just know your AC unit is going to conk out on you for the very last time, on one of the very hottest days of the summer.

Don’t wait for it to make that trip to appliance heaven on its own time – replace a failing air conditioner before you are left to sweat it out while the equipment is being replaced. We know your family’s comfort and safety are two of your biggest concerns, and a broken air conditioner is not ideal when you live in the Columbia area. At least you can schedule the replacement to happen on a day when the whole family is away from home at comfortably air conditioned locations.

To learn more about replacing the heating and air conditioning unit at your Columbia, SC home this summer, click here.

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