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Aug 19 2015

How Do I Prevent My Heating and Air System from Breaking?

This is what you need to know about HVAC maintenance agreements.

AC Maintenance

No matter how new your air conditioning system is, purchasing an HVAC maintenance agreement is a great way to keep your equipment running smoothly. Just like any other piece of machinery, routine maintenance is the key to making sure that it works correctly in the long run. After all, your car needs periodic tune-ups; your HVAC equipment needs to be serviced regularly, too.

Maintenance agreements often include basic cleaning, lubrication, and inspections. When you have an HVAC expert go through your heating and air system each year, their highly-trained eyes will pick up on parts that are wearing down and threaten to damage your system. Just like you get your car’s oil changed before it breaks down, you must have your HVAC equipment assessed and tuned-up before catastrophe strikes.

In addition to preventing breakdowns, maintenance agreements will improve your HVAC equipment’s performance and efficiency. For example, you may not know your Freon level is low, but a technician will notice and recharge it. With colder air blowing into your house, the air conditioner will run less frequently and your electric bill will decrease. Now your house is more comfortable and it costs you less money each month to keep the house cool. How easy was that?

Healthy people who take supplements and vitamins take them every day – not just when they are sick or injured. That’s the whole point. Preventative maintenance works for cars, humans, and air conditioners alike. Click here to learn more about HVAC maintenance agreements for Columbia, SC homeowners.

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