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Jul 10 2014

How Does It Work? Understanding the Basics of Geothermal Cooling

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Geothermal Cooling

Geothermal cooling and heating systems have been used to keep homes at constant, comfortable temperatures since the 1940s. No matter what the weather and temperature are like outside, the soil just a few feet under your house stays a pretty constant temperature year-round.

If you have ever explored a cave in the summertime, you know that the air in the cave stays much cooler than the warm summer temperatures above ground. Likewise, the soil a few feet under your house will be warmer than the cold winter air outside. This is because the ground this far down isn't influenced by the sun's presence or absence. So while we're dealing with summer or winter on the surface, underground, it's all the same.

Geothermal cooling takes advantage of that constant underground temperature in order to heat or cool your home. The system transfers heat from the air inside your home into the ground or water under or surrounding your home. The earth becomes a "heat sink" for the warmth taken from inside your house. Alternatively, that heat could also be used to heat the water in your hot water tank.

There are four basic types of geothermal systems, and deciding which is best for your home depends on your climate, soil conditions, and the land available.

But geothermal is more than just a neat way to cool your home - it's an energy-efficient, environmentally friendly alternative to traditional heating and cooling systems. With geothermal cooling, you can air condition your Columbia are home with free energy that is just sitting underneath your house. That free energy makes a serious contribution to your bottom line. Your cooling costs will up to 70% less than that of your neighbors who use standard methods.

If you're interested in getting geothermal cooling for your home, contact us at Comfort Services. We install geothermal cooling and heating systems to help homeowners use that free, clean energy lying under the backyard. Call us for 24/7 geothermal cooling service at 803.772.4490.

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