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Feb 26 2015

How Important Is It to Get the Right Size Heating and Cooling Equipment for My Home?

You might feel a bit like Goldilocks looking for just the right heating and air conditioning system for your house.

Sizing HVAC equipment

If you're in the market for new heating and air conditioning equipment, you are likely to be flooded with choices and options. You'll find yourself asking, "Which brand is best? What size equipment is suitable for my house?" Hopefully you have decided to hire a professional HVAC company to help you make these decisions and to install the new equipment for you. Your HVAC expert should be able to explain to you how important it is to get the right sized heating and cooling equipment for your house, but here are some tips to get you started.

If you're the "go big or go home" type of person, then it might be tempting to get the biggest equipment you can afford. After all, it may seem logical that bigger equipment will heat and cool your home really fast, and what's wrong with that? The problem is that oversized HVAC equipment is incredibly inefficient. The system will turn on and off far more often than properly sized equipment would. This will result in bigger utility bills and a less comfortable home.

On the other hand, if you lean toward the far more frugal side, it might make sense to you to purchase a minimally sized HVAC system. If the equipment is smaller, it will draw less energy, right? Wrong. Choosing HVAC equipment that is too small for your home means the system will essentially run non-stop in a never-ending quest to keep your home the right temperature. This also leads to utility bills that are much higher than necessary.

It's important to choose HVAC equipment that is the proper size for your home. Comfort Services carries HVAC equipment from many manufacturers, but we love the variety and quality offered by Carrier. We have installed Carrier heating and cooling equipment in homes of all sizes around the Columbia, SC area, and customer satisfaction is always high.

Contact us for more valuable information about heating and air conditioning installations for Columbia, SC homeowners. Or just give us a call at 803-772-4490.

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