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Dec 13 2016

How is New Insulation Installed in an Older Home?

Older Home

You love your old home with its beautiful woodwork, quirky floor plan, and graceful aging oak trees. But it does seem to trap heat, especially upstairs. All the home improvement shows tout the benefits of insulation and cheerfully demonstrate insulating a house with foam while the studs are exposed. You know you don't want to remove your plaster walls. So, is it possible to insulate your drafty hot house without ripping it apart? Absolutely.

Insulating the Attic

First you will want to not only increase insulation in your attic, but increase the efficiency of the insulation. The attic is where the majority of temperature loss occurs in the home, so it's the place to start. Your contractor will spray foam insulation into the underside of the roof structure and then put down batting or blown cellulose on the floor of the attic.

Exterior Walls

If you have traditional wood, vinyl, or even aluminum siding, your home can still be insulated. The contractor will remove a course of siding and drill holes approximately 2 inches in diameter in between the studs. They then blow cellulose insulation into the cavity. The corks are replaced and then the siding rehung. There is usually little if any damage done to the exterior, while a relatively inexpensive insulation job has been completed. You do not need to remove anything from the walls inside the home.


To finish the job, a vapor barrier should be applied to your dirt floor basement. Spray foam is easily applied to the rafters, further sealing in the living areas that are air conditioned upstairs. Also, adding the foam around the sill helps to keep the heat from building up underneath your home.

When we think of insulation projects the picture we see in our minds involves ripping out all the walls of our home. It isn't necessary. Insulating the home is a quick and worthwhile investment in the comfort and efficiency of your house. Contact Comfort Services today to set up an appointment to add insulation to your home today.

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