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Oct 13 2016

How Do I Know How Many Air Filters Are in My Home?

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As a homeowner, you should understand the value of changing your air filters regularly. New filters can improve air quality, increase efficiency, and prolong the life of your HVAC system. Finding the air filters in your home can be a difficult task for certain types of HVAC units. With some units, the system may have more than one air filter. As you begin your search, keep in mind where each air filter is located, along with the size and type of filter being used.

Finding Your Air Filters

Keep in mind, each HVAC unit is different. Larger units may have several air filters throughout the house. Some common areas may help you find your air ducts quickly. When searching, use the air handler as your guide. The air filter slots are generally close to the air handlers.
If the HVAC unit is horizontal, look for the air filter near the air handler. The air filter should be in a slot next to the side of the unit for intake.
If the HVAC unit is vertical, the air filter slot may be at the top of the air handler or below the air handler.

• Look in the attic. The air handler may have a removable cover.
• Look in the basement. Locate the air handler to search for the air filter slot.
• Look behind the return. A mounted wall system may have an air filter behind the return air grill.
• Look in each room. HVAC units with returns in each room of the house may also have an air filter behind each one.
• Look near the electrostatic air cleaner. 

Remember, a dirty air filter can end up costing you extra on your next energy bill and prevents your unit from operating at its best. Failure to keep the system clean may lead to costly repairs to your unit, poor air quality, increased risk to allergens and a higher utility bill.

If you cannot locate your air filters on your HVAC system, contact the professionals at Comfort Services today.

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