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Aug 10 2015

How to Decrease Energy Usage & Costs in Summer

How can a radiant barrier improve your home’s energy efficiency?

HVAC Technician and Van

Every time your air conditioner turns on, your home’s lack of energy efficiency pops into your mind. And when your air conditioner seems to run all day long, you can practically feel your electric bill climbing to the heavens! It seems like no matter what you do to try to control your cooling costs the bills go up more every single year.

Keeping your shades closed so that your house feels like a cave – that can help a little bit. Getting a programmable thermostat may have made another small difference. Sucking it up and keeping the house uncomfortably warm just makes the whole family irritable. But the increasing cost of electricity always eliminates those small gains.

One solution that many homeowners don’t even know about is radiant barriers. Radiant barriers are reflective sheets of material, usually made of aluminum, which an HVAC professional can install in your attic. While the sun beats down on your roof all day, the radiant barrier reflects some of that heat away from your house. The type of radiant barrier that’s right for your house depends on several factors, such as the age of your insulation.

Having a radiant barrier installed in your attic could knock your cooling bill down by up to 10%. With a return like that, the radiant barrier will pay for itself in no time. Plus, it could add up to hundreds of dollars back in your pocket for the remainder of the summer.

Ready to get your home’s energy efficiency under control? Click here to schedule a radiant barrier installation at your Columbia, SC home or to learn more tips for increasing energy efficiency.

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