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Jun 16 2014

How to Tell If You Need a Smart Thermostat in Your Air Conditioning System

Could Your Air Conditioning System Improve With a Smart Thermostat?

Smart Thermostats and HVAC

Smart thermostats are fantastic gadgets that simplify the management of your furnace and air conditioning system. Easy remote use and program options can lead to peace of mind and big savings on your electric bills. But how can you tell if adding a smart thermostat to your air conditioning system is a good choice? See if you answer "yes" to any of the statements below:

  • You forget to adjust your thermostat's settings when you wake up, leave the house, return home, go to bed, and/or leave for vacation.
  • You often spend time at work worrying about what your air conditioning system is doing while you are away.
  • You would like to save more money on your electric bill.
  • You have a hard time predicting what your monthly electric bill will be.
  • Your thermostat is of the old brown dial variety.
  • You often forget to change your air filters.
  • You have noticed significant fluctuations in your home's temperature, even though you did not change the thermostat setting.
  • You are bad at scheduling routine maintenance for your furnace and air conditioning system.

A smart thermostat can help you stay on top of regular HVAC maintenance, keep track of your electricity usage, and save you hundreds of dollars every year. Comfort Services installs smart thermostats with new or existing air conditioning systems, and our technicians can also train you on how to use your new smart system. Time to find out how much you can save, contact Comfort Services now.

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