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Oct 15 2015

Improve Your Home's Energy Efficiency!

Find out how Comfort Services and Aeroseal can make a difference in YOUR home.

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With Fall well underway, the temperatures around South Carolina are continuing to drop. This cooler weather may be perfect for tailgating or watching the game, but it could also expose a previously unnoticed weakness in your home. Leaky air ducts!

We know what you’re thinking; “This isn’t really a big deal, right?” Wrong!

According to ENERGY STAR, the average home is losing around 25% of their treated air every day. You paid to cool that escaped air this summer, and you’ll pay to heat it too, unless you fix the problem. Comfort Services has the solution: Aeroseal!

Comfort Services is Columbia’s trusted Aeroseal provider; our technicians will seal up your home’s ducts and save you money! Leaky air ducts can also be exposing your home’s air to pollutants and contaminants. But how does Aeroseal make a difference? It’s simple!

After you call Comfort Services, your Aeroseal technician will arrive at your home ready to seal your ducts and lower your bills. By covering up all of the registers in your home, there is no way for air to escape your ducts except through leaks and cracks. At this point, sealant will be introduced into the air circulating in your ductwork and will continue to be fed into for an hour. These aerosol sealant particles are carried through your ducts by the circulating air, and will accumulate anywhere there is a leak. These particles will continue to accumulate until the leak is fully sealed.

Once all leaks have been sealed, your Comfort Services Aeroseal technician will perform an analysis ensuring your ducts are free from leaks and any excess sealant particles. After it’s all been said and done, only an ounce or two of sealant will remain behind keeping the leaks sealed.

This entire process will only take a few hours, and you’ll notice the difference through the seasons ahead. That’s not even the best part though!

You’ll be able to enjoy efficient, effective home heating and cooling at a fraction of what you’ve already been paying. Each year, leaky air ducts are costing American homeowners around $25 billion in wasted energy. Don’t write a check for escaping air, make the choice to enjoy the air you pay to heat or cool. Aeroseal puts dollars back in your pocket!

The Aeroseal process saves you time! Sealing leaky ducts can be a time consuming and costly endeavor, but it doesn’t have to be! As your Aeroseal experts, Comfort Services gives our customers a quick, easy way to improve the energy efficiency of their homes. Lastly, Aeroseal also helps you protect the air in your home from harmful pollutants and contaminants like dust or mold. It might surprise you to see what’s in the air that you’re paying to circulate throughout your home.

Make the smart choice, and contact Comfort Services today to schedule an Aeroseal appointment for your home!

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