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Oct 06 2016

What Indoor Air Quality Products Are Available to Clean the Air Inside My Home?

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Take a deep breath of the air in your home and you could be indulging in one of the top five environmental health risks that we face every single day. Good ventilation is an excellent way to sweep and extract polluted air from the house, but it isn't always possible to rely on ventilation.

The kinds of air quality control vary greatly, and can often be confusing to homeowners looking to reduce dust and allergens in their homes. Here are a few types of air cleaning methods and devices and how they work.

Particle-removing air cleaners

High efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters fall within this category of particle-removing air filters. They are located at your HVAC’s return, or intake. This is where your HVAC unit takes in air that has been circulated throughout your home and pushes it through your air conditioning or heating system.

Electronic air cleaners (such as electrostatic precipitators) use a process called electrostatic attraction to trap particles. Electronic air cleaners remove suspended dust particles by applying a high-voltage electrostatic charge and collects the particles on charged plates. This form of air filtration is one of the least restricting as far as air flow through your unit.

Pollutant Destruction

UVGI cleaners use ultraviolet radiation from UV lamps that may destroy biological pollutants such as viruses, bacteria, allergens and molds that are airborne or growing on HVAC surfaces (e.g., found on cooling coils, drain pans, or ductwork). UVGI technology should only be used in conjunction with a filter system and not instead of one.
Overall, there are a few options to ensuring the highest quality air within your home. If you’re interested in reaching the next level of air purification on your HVAC unit, contact the experts at Comfort Services today!

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