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Apr 06 2016

What’s Involved in Installing a New Air Conditioner?

HVAC Technician Standing With Homeowner Near A New AC System

Buying a new heating and air conditioning system can be expensive, so it’s no wonder that you are thinking of saving some money by installing it yourself. Well, think again! Assuming that you have the knowledge and skills to do it and you could complete the installation process successfully, you still need to worry about warranty and EPA standards and regulations.

Otherwise put, if you do not have your air conditioner installed by licensed professionals, its warranty will be void, and you risk being fined for breaking EPA regulations you were not even aware of, too. This could be far more costly than paying for professional installation services.

Now that you understand the importance of hiring professional services, here are three tips on how to make sure you get the best air conditioner and the best installation services.

1. Look for Reputable Licensed Heating & Air Conditioning Experts in Your Area

Hiring locally means being able to track the company's history and achievements and avoiding long waiting periods and transportation costs. Positive feedback from numerous customers, preferably acquired directly or from independent, neutral sources, along with a strong labor warranty, are the best guarantee of your future satisfaction.

2. Determine the Right Air Conditioner Size

If you want to enjoy ultimate comfort and keep your energy bills to a minimum, it is important to install a properly sized air conditioner. Professionals will be able to determine the size you need based on the climate in your area, and your building's or home’s specific floor plan and square footage.

3. Buy the Best Air Conditioning Unit You Can Afford, then Have It Installed and Maintained by a Pro

Professionals are also the ones who can advise you on what system is best for your home and where it can be found at a great price. Ask us for recommendations, buy the AC, and schedule your installation. Do not forget to get a maintenance agreement to make sure your new air conditioning system has the longest possible service life.

At Comfort Services, we offer timely, quality and reliable heating and air conditioning installation and maintenance services for a fair price. Contact us now to find out more about our best offers and deals!

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